Sunday, November 21, 2010

Art Creations Friday Challenge: Girl Reading

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original image

The image of the girl reading was provided as inspiration for this challenge. I wasn't sure where I was going with this, but my digital collage eventually turned into a tableau of items that might be on the desk of a studious little girl (she's studying French, a very familiar subject in my own past studies). As you can see, the original image appears as a picture in the book.

Image credits: graphicsfairy, Dover, deviant scrap/holliewood, artfreebies.


Femmy said...

fantastic collage!!

Hermine said...

Gorgeous collage

Fabric Art said...

Wonderful digital collage, great job.

pepeetje said...

Beautiful work :-)

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Lovely! You are very talented. said...

Très bonne idée !
Joli collage ! amicalement Mary.KG