explorations in color and design

explorations in color and design

Friday, April 6, 2012

Expand the Possibles: Conceal

The very talented Glenys has started a new challenge blog, Expand the Possibles. She has a list of words that we can choose from as themes for a piece of art. I'm so happy to see a new challenge concept out there! Here's a link to her blog if you'd like to participate (please do!) or see what others are doing:  http://expandthepossibles.blogspot.com/

The first word I've chosen to illustrate with digital collage is "Conceal." Image credits: artefacts, holliewood, milla; and flickr creative commons (Eddi07) for the image of the moon.



Lizbethem said...

Oh Sherry, this is mysterious and marvellous! Super art!

Glenys said...

Sherry, this image is very powerful and it evokes the word 'conceal' with great thought and skill. I really like the whole concept of the image. Great work.

Jeanette said...

It is a nice thing to see a new challenge. Sherry, I think this is by far one of my favorites that you've done.

clare said...

beautiful so soft that veil of colour over the image. fabulous! x

Kaylene said...

Sherry this is beautiful and like Glenys says very powerful Cheers