explorations in color and design

explorations in color and design

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Collage Obsession: Crazy Carnival (Carnivale Pazzo)

original image

This was an unusually creative idea for a challenge. We were given the image of carnival strongman Luigi (sometimes known as Mario), shown above. In the words of Rick St. Dennis, this week's very inventive host at Collage Obsession:"... my challenge is Carnivale Pazzo-use Luigi to make a composition that puts him in the spotlight at some strange, steam punk, grunge, edgy Carnival on the edge of the abyss or maybe its a more friendly upscale carnival performing for the Queen of Hearts in Wonder(under)land-as long as it's PAZZO-thats CRAZY in Italian." Rick has used Luigi/Mario as a subject of artistic experimentation before; see his comments at http://collageobsessionchallenge.blogspot.com/2011/01/carnivale-pazzo.html.

This theme was significantly outside my comfort zone (no pretty women's faces, no flowers, no birds!!!) but... I ended up totally absorbed in seeing how weird and dark I could make my digital collage. (It helped that I was submerged in a nasty cold while I worked on it.) Now I feel so badly for poor Luigi! But I have a feeling he'll survive to be the subject of many more art pieces.

Image credits: google, wikimedia commons, graphicsfairy, artfreebies.


Yvonne said...

What a totally awesome piece you have created!

the Inner 'I' said...

Wow - it just shows how great your work is even outside your comfort zone. I especially like the anatomical heart on his chest - creepy and very effective!

Patricia said...

Your collage is just wonderful - he was a great study theme and I enjoyed what you wrote about feeling outside your comfort zone - also using masks as part of your piece was a great idea. I am very interested in what masks represent. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the lovely comment - it means very much.

Rick St. Dennis MFA said...

And maybe creepy edgy is your thing-what a swell job you did-I feel that poor Luigi/Mario is about to loose his heart to some very PAZZO clowns!!!!

Great work....thanks for the nice words as well about my first challenge!!!

Eila A said...

You certainly have succeeded in putting Luigi in the middle of a very crazy carnival! Impressive work, Sherry!

Lisa Balazs (Seshat Moon Willow) said...

An awe-inspiring creation! I love all the elements. So well done and creative.

Selma said...

This is really great work.

Ozstuff said...

Isn't it funny? Your Mario is very dark and scary and mine is a cross dresser, pretending to be Marie Antoinette. What a man!
Seriously, your Mario is magnificent. Fantastic artwork.