Tuesday, January 18, 2011

40 Followers---and a Freebie Background for You

I just noticed my blog followers now number 40! That's quite a leap from earlier this year, when I couldn't seem to get past 12 (and quite a few of them were related to me). Thank you, everyone! For the most part, the increase is due to the other artists who participate in the online art challenges I've joined. Their comments on my work have been so supportive and motivating! And I look forward to seeing each of their aamazing artwork too-- I learn from them every day.

As part of my thanks, I'm posting the free design above for my blog followers. You may use it in art you create for your personal use; please don't distribute the image itself. I'd also appreciate it if you would credit me, Sherry Pollack, if you use the image. I've never posted a freebie before, so if anyone has trouble downloading it, well...let me know and I'll have to call my son (a.k.a. "tech support") in Texas and ask him for help. I think if you click on the image above, then right click for saving options, you should be fine.




AZviaTx said...

Thanks a bunch Sherry. This is what I was saying in my last comment to you. Such cool images to look at. Makes me think of worms from the 60s on acid, dancing in circles!! Love it. Hope your day was as "bright" as your morning. Tina

Jeanette said...

Hey, congratulations on hitting the big 40 followers. Thanks for the great freebies. Love it. Thanks again. It is a real treat to come view your art.


"MOI" Freubel said...

Congratulations Sherry !!
Why do you think you have so many followers ?? Because YOU deserve it !!
Your art "speaks" (appeals ??) sorry I can't find the right word in your language) to many people and your posts are always interesting
to read and to see !!

Great Freebie by the way and when I'm using it I wil mension your blog. Okè ?
Thank you and hugs from me.

Kat W said...

Congrats on the 40 followers. You can now make it 41 :-) I thought I already followed you but I didn't, so I've quickly ammended that huge mistake :-) Kat X

Eila A said...

Wonderful colours in this background - I love them! Thank you so much, Sherry - and congratulations!

bluegiraffe said...

Thanks, everyone! Kat, I welcome you as a follower!

Electra said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you for your generosity! It's lovely!