Friday, September 10, 2010


I created this collage in response to challenge #23 on the Collage Obsession blog ( The theme is "Dream," and the image of the woman was supplied if we chose to use it. Some time ago I had created (and posted here) the "Red House" collage, and the dreaming woman seemed to fit in well. So I tucked her in the corner and blended her in, where hopefully she continues to peacefully dream.
(House and bird images are from


Lonnie Bullington said...

Very nicely done. Your mastery of making each of the design elements work together is wonderful.

the Inner 'I' said...

Mmmmmmmmmm...I'd love to be sitting in that chair.
love, ilene

Julie Forest said...

Wow! This is a fabulous collage!! Very creative! I love it!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your very nice comment!

Elegia said...

Oh, this is beautiful and dreamy. I could jump in to your little creepy image!