explorations in color and design

explorations in color and design

Monday, September 20, 2010

Collage Obsession Challenge #25- "Portrait"

The first photo above is my digital collage for this week's Collage Obsession challenge. The second photo is the original image we were given to work with. I have several thoughts about the possible "meaning" of my collage, but would much rather hear what my blog readers think. Any ideas?


Junibears said...

Perhaps she is recalling a lost childhood...I don't know. Whatever the meaning, I love it.xx

Lonnie Bullington said...

She is seeing into the future and knows she is looking at her daughter. A portrait of herself at that age. Great imagery Sherry.

Lori Saul said...

This is beautiful and perhaps (on the darker side) she would like to see another image looking back at her. Mirrors are always symbolic and we don't always "see" who we really are. Lovely thought provoking entry!

bluegiraffe said...

I love hearing all of your insightful interpretations! I'm looking forward to the next challenge already.

Elegia said...

She looks sad and somehow trapped. Maybe she has lost her will to live. She’s looking back at the past, but can’t see any smile in there either. This is absolutely beautiful and touching piece, love to watch it and think the possibilities.

Thank you for joining the challenge!