Friday, January 22, 2010

New Project

Last week a group of women from my Artful Journaling class got together to make the "16-page journal" that Teesha Moore teaches on her YouTube lesson. We had such fun! I finished my journal, but waited until I got home to start painting/embellishing the pages. I've spent the past week working on it (literally elbow-deep in paint, paper scraps, and gel medium). Based on a suggestion once made by by Artful Journaling teacher for a class project, I chose an alphabet theme for this journal. I drew each letter of the alphabet in a different style (choosing from those shown in the Encyclopedia of Comparative Letterforms for Artists and Designers by Norman S. Weinberger (bought used on a while ago because I'd seen it at the library and loved it). Each page of the journal features 2 letters (one letter on the smaller pages) surrounded by relevant images and words I've collected, plus some other embellishments. I copied all of the letters by hand, using pencil, pens, brush pens, and ruler. Since I scanned each one into Photoshop for "posterity," I took the liberty of filling in some of the black portions more fully in PSE. There were some tiny white spaces here and there in the penned images, I guess. Anyway, here's the alphabet in one image. I'll probably post scans of some journal pages when they're "finished."

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the Inner 'I' said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful and I know it was a lot of work. love, ilene