Friday, September 4, 2009

I May Never Have to Sketch Again

I've installed Adobe Photoshop Elements on my computer (yes, Ryan, finally :)). Two interesting things to report:
1. While all my photos were loading onto Photoshop, they were displayed before me in quick succession. It was as if my life were being replayed on the screen in front of me--a very weird feeling! Recent photos of family, friends, vacations, art and lettering childhood well as sepia-toned pictures of long-gone ancestors and relatives I never knew.

2. I may never have to do a pen and ink sketch again :)! Because, as everyone who uses Photoshop no doubt knows, there's a neat feature that allows you to make a photo look like a sketch, with a click of the mouse. Thus, I present to you this "sketch" of a black and white version of a great photo Ryan took of me earlier this year.

1 comment: said...

Beautiful. You have now loss that smile most kids do.


To the natural smile.