Sunday, August 30, 2009

Practicing Versals

Lately I've been obsessed with lettering and calligraphy. I found several used books on the subject in Austin, and yesterday I found a good one at Daedulus Books here in Columbia. It's called Calligraphy Stroke-by-Stroke by Annie Moring. It contains exactly what I was looking for-- a detailed guide to writing Versal letters. I've seen interpretations of this sort of lettering used in art pieces, and have always wondered how it's done. Here's today's practice page, drawn in a squared Moleskine notebook with a Sheaffer calligraphy pen. You can leave the spaces in the letters open, or fill them in with color or designs. It's kind of hard to master (hard to get the verticals truly vertical, for one thing) but I hope to be able to use it in my art journaling at some point. The "real" calligraphy class I'm taking this fall will teach a different alphabet, which could be confusing, but I'll persevere :).

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