Saturday, May 4, 2013

Soartful: Night Skies (dark blue, white, silver, etc)

It's my turn this month to host the new Soartful challenge. I've chosen a theme of "Night Skies," with a suggested color scheme of dark blue, white, and silver, and whatever other colors the artist chooses to include. Here's my own creation for this theme. The landscape image is adapted  from a photo I took in Sedona, Arizona.  Other image credits available upon request. Please come participate in our challenge, and see the beautiful art others have created for this theme!

please click for larger view


sheila 77 said...

Just beautiful with the amazing patterned sky, the moon and the thin purple frame.

Jez said...

The geometry of the sky is so unusual and so effective. What a wonderful way of expressing the sky and making me think about the fact that the sky is not a static thing, that there is more than what we see in our day-to-day type of 'looking'. I love the silhouetting of the trees against the blue and white of the sky and moon. Beautiful.