Thursday, October 27, 2011

Digitalmania Challenge: Art in the style of Michelle Caplan

For this weekly Flickr challenge, in which we've been creating digital art in the style of various artists; this week's choice is Michelle Caplan, a mixed media artist in the U.S. She combines vintage photos, newsprint, and papers/fabrics. Here's a link to her beautiful artwork: . She also has an Etsy shop.

I had a blast doing my digital collage! Some background info is below. 

This is a heritage collage, featuring an old photo of my Aunt Mynne (left) and my Mom (right) doing their very entertaining version of the old song "Egyptian Ella." They performed this with gusto and much laughter at many a family gathering. Thanks to the Internet, I found the lyrics! In the background, there's a photo of my father on the mantel, and a painting of me and my twin sister (painted by my mother) on the wall behind her.

Image credits upon request.


peggy gatto said...


Janine said...

That is really cool.I love the conmposition,
the colours and the whole style,
Happy Halloween, and a gorgeous night

Chris said...

What a great heritage collage. Since I'm more heritage than I'd like to admit, I usually try to date these type of art pieces by "When did I wear my hair that way?" and also by the clothes I once wore. It's getting more difficult all the time. Thanks for introducing Michelle Caplan to us.