Monday, July 25, 2011

Collage Obsession: Honeysuckle

"Honeysuckle Beach", my digital collage


Collage Obsession is starting to give us some color challenges instead of theme challenges, which I think is just wonderful (see title of my blog!).

The first color challenge is Honeysuckle, the color of the year for 2011, according to leading color guide Pantone.

“In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Honeysuckle derives its positive qualities from a powerful bond to its mother color red, the most physical, viscerally alive hue in the spectrum.”

I gave my honeysuckle-themed collage a beachy theme, since it's summer, and my heart is still at the beach, even though we've been back for over a week.

Image credits: graphicsfairy, dover, kim klassen, vintage moth, holliewood; bird is my original art.


Rick St. Dennis MFA said...

soooooo unique
interesting way to use the colour-like sunrise on the beach

*itKuPiLLi* said...

This is great approach to the topic, the given color is definitely stand out to the main role. And you are right, it´s really very beachy color. :)

Thank you for participating. :)

Kaylene said...

Great imagination for the theme, well done