explorations in color and design

explorations in color and design

Monday, May 16, 2011

Collage Obsession: Swans

Background image of lake in China: photo by Ryan Pollack.
Dancer and swan images: flickr creative commons.


Grannie Annie said...

Just heavenly Sherry in forty shades of blue...excellent!!

Jan said...

They are all hearing the same music and dancing in harmony. Quite beautiful!


Eila A said...

Sherry, your collage is really beautiful! You have combined the graceful dancer and the swans in a wonderful way. I also like your cool colours. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!

Junibears said...

So very pretty Sherry. Lovely work.xx

ArtChick said...

This is so beautiful!

Lisa Balazs (Seshat Moon Willow) said...

I adore this graceful and elegant collage!