Monday, October 18, 2010

So-Artful Challenge: "What Shall I Wear to the Witches' Ball?"

(Please click on image to enlarge, for spookiest effect.)

For this challenge, we were given an image of an eerie woman with a spider, to inspire a Halloween-themed piece of art. I used the spider image (see if you can find it) and a different image of a woman, giving the digital collage a fashion theme.

Credits: graphicsfairy, Pringle Hill Studio, Dover Designs, vintage moth, Just Something I Made.

Happy Early Halloween!


peggy gatto said...

fabulous details, I loved looking up close!

bluegiraffe said...

Thanks, Peggy. For some reason, the "glow" effects in Photoshop did not show up well on the posted version of the collage, even when the image is enlarged. Oh well, on to the next challenge!

Jeanette said...

This is fabulous. I found the spider. But, I won't tell. Thanks for being Soartful again this week.

Grannie Annie said...

Beautiful piece Sherry...I love all the many elements...lovely work.