Monday, August 30, 2010

Blueberry and Kiwi

Over the weekend we visited relatives in Pennsylvania who have 3 birds. I sketched two of them, Blueberry and Kiwi, in pen and ink. Couldn't resist adding color (they're gorgeous birds!), so we made copies of the original sketches and I used colored pencils to liven them up (I may post those another time). They were great models, despite their rather lively personalities. I'm also planning to experiment with some Photoshop color/patterns/effects on the sketches.'ll probably be seeing another version or two of these cute birds. (Kiwi once bit me, but we're now on "speaking" terms again. And I keep my distance...)
PS: Robin, thanks for your encouragement!

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the Inner 'I' said...

They're great! Please post the colored ones too....i.