Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oy, Vey

I've been keeping an almost daily art journal on my own lately. It's really boosted my creativity. I try miniature versions of new techniques; write about what's happening in my life; practice my calligraphy; jot down quotes I've read that resonate with me; and include elements of my daily activities such as ticket stubs and photos. A couple of weeks ago, while leafing through magazines, I realized how steadily we women are bombarded with messages about the "horrors" of getting older. Of course, I agree that we should be made aware of medical issues that may affect us at this time of life, and it's great that there are products out there to help us with the annoying cosmetic issues that come with aging. But do we need to be reminded of it on almost every page of every women's magazine we read? I don't think so. Thus, this journal page.

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